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Poster: xaiki Date: Jul 14, 2014 11:55pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: feature films in Popcorn-Time !

DISCLAIMER: long boring post, probably sent to the wrong forum, please correct me and direct me to the right place for this kind of questions.

I hope I got your attention with the catchy title, let's not disappoint you, you can see it:

heck, as soon as GitHub stops with their DMCA/MPAA bullshit, you could even run it:


I need IMDB ids in, how can I get them in ?


(anyone interested in seeing the code please write me a mail:, and I'll send you a patch/tgz, like we did before github)

anyway, as you can see on the youtube video, it's quite not the popcorn experience we want:
- it has a lot of animated gifs
- titles are not exactly correct
- sinopsys' are of variating qualities, some link to imdb, some don't.

and that's only what you see, if you look at my archive.js provider:

you'll notice an excesive amount of work-arround to data inconsistency, for instance:
- l118: most runtime are empty so I take it from the mp4 file.
- l126: when year is missing, get date, when missing get addeddate.
- and more...

well, actually, we have the same kind of problem with yts, so that's why we use to get better, solidified metadata.

so all boils down to this: i'd need to
- be able to solidify some of the metadata.
- get to imdb/trakt info from the details API.

I tried setting it myself into metadata like that:


but obviously not everyone can add new fields.

so my question (at long last) is:
¿ how can I get imdbid or at least slug unification with trakt into ?